Introducing the Moodle App for LAPU Courses

Introducing the Moodle App for LAPU Courses

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LAPU Courses on Your Mobile Devices

Get complete access to your LAPU courses on all your mobile devices using the Moodle App. The Moodle App features access to all of the folllowing:

  • Your weekly course readings and deadlines
  • A complete calendar of all your course events
  • Access to comprehensive activity instructions
  • All of the features of the browser version
  • Easy access to message users and see notifications
  • Customizable native mobile notifications

Preview the Moodle App

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Support for Moodle Apps

View the Moodle App Support Page

Must-Have LAPU Apps

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Use the Moodle App to:

  • Review weekly course materials on the go!
  • Receive notifications from your course(s).
  • Review all of your course activities and instructions.
  • Message other students in your course with ease!

Use the MyLAPU App to:

  • Join our community of students in conversations!
  • Access LAPU services in the palm of your hand.
  • Register for courses.
  • Join community groups.
  • Access courses via Moodle App or a web browser. 
  • Schedule sessions with your coach and more!

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Moodle App Apple Store Icon

Moodle App Google Play Badge

We hope these apps enhance your LAPU experience!

Thank you, 

LAPU Course Administrator

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