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Withdrawal Policy Reminder

Withdrawal Policy Reminder

by Mike Wilday -
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Dear Students, 

As we begin our Spring 2 term we wanted to remind you of APOU's withdrawal policy below:

Students are expected to complete the following two steps in order to stay enrolled in their courses through the first week of the class:

    1. Log into each course by midnight on Wednesday during the first week of class. Those who fail to log in by this time will be administratively withdrawn unless other arrangements are made with the instructor prior to the first day of class.

    2. Submit a homework assignment. In addition to logging into their courses, students must also submit an assignment, activity or forum for grading in each class by 8 AM (Pacific Standard Time), Monday, beginning week 2. Failure to do so will result in an administrative withdrawal from the course.

Note: For information related to financial aid, please see “Refund Policy” in section 4, “Financial Aid”, of the catalog.