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Update re: Turnitin Assignment Submissions Error

Update re: Turnitin Assignment Submissions Error

by LAPU Administrator -
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Monday, June 2, we received several reports from students who have received errors when trying to upload assignments to the Turnitin submission page in some courses. As of Wednesday afternoon 6/4 we have been informed that some of those students have been able to successfully submit their assignments to the Turnitin assignment page within their courses.

Our academic partner's investigation is still continuing to be sure no other students will be affected by this issue. If you experience any issues in submitting an assignment to a Turnitin assignment submission page within your course, please contact our Technical Support partner to document the issue, providing details about the device and web browser you are using to submit the assignment.

We will continue to update you this site announcement about the status of this known issue.

Thank you for your continued patience as this issue is being investigated.

UC Administrator