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Welcome to Strengths Week!

Welcome to Strengths Week!

by Josh Hibbard -
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Welcome to Strengths Week at University College for our Spring I Session! The theme we are pursuing this session is how small changes can make a big difference. Change seldom happens overnight. However, small changes in your journey can make a great impact on your road to success over time. Without change, your journey can become stagnant, and you may never reach the potential you could achieve through small, thoughtful efforts along the way.

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Making changes toward success early in your journey will make a bigger difference in the long run—no matter how small.

In the Bible, even God’s Kingdom is likened to a small thing that, over time, becomes grand. Matthew 13:31-32 says, “Then [Jesus] put another parable before them: ‘The kingdom of Heaven is like a tiny grain of mustard seed which a man took and sowed in his field. As a seed it is the smallest of them all, but it grows to be the biggest of all plants. It becomes a tree, big enough for birds to come and nest in its branches’” (Phillips).

Throughout this week, we encourage you to reflect on the following question:

How can you use one of your strengths daily to make one small change in your life as a student?

We would love to hear your answers! Share with your coach, or post to our Facebook or Twitter account using the hashtag #UCStrengthsWeek.

As you reflect on our theme, we welcome you to visit our Strengths Week website where you will find additional resources to help you dig deeper into your strengths.

We look forward to our conversations this week as you learn to apply your strengths to your academic journey. Please contact your success coach to continue the conversation about how you can apply one of your strengths to make a difference in your studies.

Josh Hibbard, Ph.D.
Director of Student Success