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Important Announcement from Azusa Pacific.

Important Announcement from Azusa Pacific.

by Deana Porterfield -
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Dear Students,

When you enrolled at Azusa Pacific, you joined a higher education community eager to assist you in reaching your educational goals. Today, we are excited to share some changes that reflect our commitment to offer affordable, accessible, and career-relevant education to our current and future online and professional studies students.

Azusa Pacific University announces the merger of Azusa Pacific Online University (APOU) and the School of Adult and Professional Studies (APS), renamed University College (UC). What does this mean for you? You will continue in your current program and will graduate with an Azusa Pacific University degree. Going forward, UC will continue to offer new and innovative approaches to learning that fit our students’ needs. Affordability, marketplace responsiveness, flexibility, and agility characterize the vision of UC—all steeped in the fullness of our Christ-centered mission and purpose.

We believe students need choices and the ability to take courses online or face-to-face as the demands of their lives warrant. Long-term, we intend to provide an environment that supports students in reaching their continuing educational goals.

You will begin to see these changes reflected on the Azusa Pacific University and APOU websites over the next few months. We anticipate the transition of the websites to be complete by the end of April and encourage you to visit the websites to follow the changes. Going forward, all your existing points of contact remain the same.

We hope you share the excitement we feel about what this merger represents and would encourage those you know to explore educational opportunities in UC.


Deana L. Porterfield, Ed.D.
Executive Vice President
Azusa Pacific Online University

Fred Garlett, Ed.D.
Dean, School of Adult and Professional