Site Maintenance Scheduled for 11 pm EST 3/18/12

Site Maintenance Scheduled for 11 pm EST 3/18/12

by LAPU Administrator -
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Notice of Site Maintenance

We have been notified by our hosting service provider for our course portal that there will be a system maintenance update Sunday, March 18 beginning at 11 pm EST. We were not provided details on how long the update would last, but were informed that they do not expect an interruption of service for accessing and navigating the course portal.

Because technology is unpredictable, we want to recommend that you work around that timing, so that you are able to access your courses and complete your course work. If in fact there is a disruption of service at or after that time, please log in again later making sure to empty your browser's cache. This will help your web browser purge any instance of the course portal that you were unable to access and reload the course portal pages freshly. This usually alleviates any issues related to accessing a website that has either been inaccessible or updated.

As usual, contact Technical Support at one of the contact points noted in the Tecnical Support page in the Main Menu block on this course portal.

APOU Administrator