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Financial Aid - update

Financial Aid - update

by Heidi Marshall -
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Thank you for your patience as we continue to work through the technical issues that are causing delays in financial aid disbursements. We believe that we will receive disbursements next week, however we know that many of you are in need of your refunds. We are now processing requests for Pell Grant funds. If you have already called or sent in an email request, we have you on the list and we expect those checks to go out next week. We will post an additional update the day the checks are mailed so you have a better idea of the timeline.

If you haven't done so already, you may request your Pell Grant funds by emailing We will release your expected credit balance to you next week. If your Pell Grant is for $2500 but your expected credit balance is $2000, for example, you will receive a check for $2000. Please include your full name and student ID in the request. 

If you are receiving any additional funds that will create another credit balance on your account, another refund check will be mailed to you upon receipt of those funds.

Thank you,

Student Financial Services