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Welcome to University College’s Summer II Session!

Welcome to University College’s Summer II Session!

by Josh Hibbard -
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Welcome, new and returning learners, to University College’s Summer II Session! We are excited to partner with you on your educational journey! 

As you may have seen or heard, University College recently relocated to our new building in San Dimas. We see this transition as a new chapter in our story as an institution. Whether you are a new or continuing student, I encourage you to consider the start of each session at University College the same way. Take the opportunity to start fresh every eight weeks. Cultivate curiosity in your life. Seek out new knowledge this session by embracing new learning and discovery. With each passing session, completed assignment, and forum posting, you are one step closer to your ultimate goal of graduation.

At University College, we are here to support you! We believe in you and your success. I hope you engage in all the resources available to you. From tutoring services to career counseling, paired with individualized support from your success coach or advisor, we have the tools in place to help you succeed. You can do this!

Joshua A. Hibbard, Ph.D.
Director of Student Success