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It's Strengths Week!

It's Strengths Week!

by Josh Hibbard -
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Welcome to Strengths Week at University College for the Summer II Session! In this second session of the summer, we are continuing our focus on putting your strengths into action at work and in the classroom.

We know from research that students who attend institutions committed to building strengths are more engaged in their learning. It’s research like this that is the foundation of Strengths Week at University College. We want to see you succeed and provide you with the tools to thrive at work and in the classroom.

A recent Gallup article, “How Strengths Boost Engagement,” states, “To develop and work from their strengths, employees must know what their talents are and learn how to hone them into strengths. To make the most out of employee strengths in an organization, managers need to know the strengths of each employee. Then they must create opportunities for employees to use them.”

University College hopes, by engaging in your strengths through your education, you will carry this understanding of your talents into the workplace, propelling you to success in your career and helping you thrive as a leader.

Watch the video below featuring interviews with several current students and graduates about how they apply their strengths at their place of employment and to their educational journey. We encourage you to reflect on your own strengths and how you can take the opportunity to use them.

Link to Strengths Week Video


Share with us how you are using your strengths at work or in the classroom by posting to University College’s Facebook or Twitter accounts using the hashtag #StrengthsWeek.

We look forward to our conversations this week as we discuss how you can utilize your strengths in everyday life. Please contact your success coach with any questions. To watch the video again and catch up on past sessions, including interviews with UC staff members on putting their strengths to work, visit the Strengths Week website.

John Hibbard, Ph.D.
Director of Student Success