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Strengths Week: What’s Right with You?

Strengths Week: What’s Right with You?

by Josh Hibbard -
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Welcome to Strengths Week at University College for the Fall I 2015 Session! At UC, we are committed to student success. We believe in you and your ability to achieve your goals. This is why UC utilizes the strengths approach to supporting your journey. Discovering your strengths is about embracing your God-given talents and applying them to your life.

Whether you took the StrengthsFinder assessment earlier in your UC journey or you just discovered your strengths, we encourage you to watch the video below to better understand what strengths are and how you can further develop your understanding of what makes you unique. 

In this video you will…

  • Learn what are strengths and what is the philosophy behind the approach
  • Examine the research and history of the strengths perspective
  • Discover how to define your areas of talent
  • Identify how to develop your talent into strengths

What's right with you?


We want to hear from you! Share your strengths discovery by posting to University College’s Facebook or Twitter accounts using the hashtag #StrengthsWeek or #whatisrightwithme.

We look forward to our conversations this week as we discuss your areas of talent. Please contact your success coach with any questions. To watch the video again and catch up on past sessions, visit the Strengths Week website.