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Your Federal Tax Return and the 1098T form

Your Federal Tax Return and the 1098T form

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We are in the process of preparing the 1098T forms that may be needed when preparing your 2015 Federal Tax Return.  In order to assure the receipt of this document, please be sure your address is correct with University College. To check your address:
  1. Log into the Learner Portal at
  2. Click on the Personal Information link located just to the right of your name.
  3. Click on the Biographical Information tab, located in the menu under My Info
  4. Double check the address you have submitted to University College.

If your address needs to be updated, please submit the Name/Address change form to the registrar no later than December 31, 2015, to ensure delivery of your 1098T federal tax form.

In an effort to ensure accuracy the university will also be contacting you separately at your personal and UC email address. 

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