Welcome to class

Welcome to class

by Andrew Barton -
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To those of you starting your first session at APOU, let me welcome you and say that we are so pleased you are with us.  I know this is a big step, and one we are committed to supporting you in and helping you succeed.  Maximize your life coach and the resources available to you through them. Be sure to click on the "Get to Know APOU" link in the Main Menu tab of the student portal to view a welcome message from APOU's CEO, John Reynolds.

We are equally committed to those of you returning, and are encouraged you are back for the next session.  Be encouraged and stay focused.  Graduation is in sight, and closer than it was back in June!

The APOU team prays for you all regularly, and is here to serve. May the next eight weeks be a time of learning, stretching and success for you.


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